On-line since August 1st, 2006
Last Updated: May 24th, 2023

A few words about the database

      The site is made as a full relational database. It concentrates on thousands of records and performances, including studio stuff. The main idea of this site is to add everything that is related in any way to historical notes on performances and subjective ratings of sound rating as well as a number of other things that should be included. The database is well-designed as the place where knowledge and passion of the Led Zeppelin community is combined in one large database, which enables you to cross reference and sort the data in a lot of ways. To help you much more in your research, the database has constructed an expanded site map that can navigate you anytime you want to ask for anything.

      I have spent many years searching and collecting every possible to find information related to the group and their activity. Working on such a big scale is a really hard act to swallow and took me so much time to put it together. I started with just a list of live dates but then I realized it could grow into something much bigger and deeper so this is the final effect of my long term ideas.

      The database is as accurate as it could be but there are still many holes that are required to be filled but I hope this project still will be able to offer you any information, which would tell you what, when and where the band ever performed and recorded. You have also to remember that there are still a lot of people, who actually do ego trips and there is always a chance of making a mistake, but I hope this project will be as close as possible to what can be named as a definitive history of Led Zeppelin live files.

      The term Bootleg, as used herein, refers to any release that is not authorized by the artist, record company, or their representatives. The use of this term does not imply any illegal deed or intention; many manufacturers pay royalties in compliance with the laws of their respective countries.